Popular Initiative for a Basic Income

The nation-wide petition for a basic income in Switzerland will start on April 21, 2012. More on www.bedingungslos.ch (in german, french and italian only).

The website of the newspaper TagesWoche hosts a week-long debate (in german only) between the co-founder of the petition Daniel Häni and national councillor Christoph Mörgeli. For other media, the issue seems not (yet) to exist.

Firefox Extensions

Firefox is primarily my favorite browser, because it can be extended uncompromisingly with Add-Ons.

Since I install a new Firefox Browser every once a while, I list the extensions which I  use myself on this page. So I don’t have to search for them every time.

Adblock Plus

Ads were yesterday!

Cert Viewer Plus

Enhancements to certificate viewer (Display in PEM format, export to file).


A clean easy to use amd highly extensible Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client.

Context Search

Expands the context menu’s ‘Search for’ item into a list of search engines.

Cookie Monster

Proactive cookie management on a site or domain level basis, including 3rd party cookies.

Heading Map

Displays the current page’s heading structure in the sidebar, allowing rapid navigation beetween sections. The extension generates an index (or map) of any web document structured with headings.

Google Pagerank Status

Display the Google pagerank in your browser’s status bar.


Extra protection for your Firefox: NoScript allows JavaScript, Java (amd other plugins) only for trusted domains of your choice.


A lightweight RS and Atom feed aggregator.


Navigate up one level (directory).

View Cookies

View cookies of the current web page.

Web Developer

Adds (easy hideable) menu and toolbar with various web developer tools.


Inserts preview images (thumbnails) of web sites and Amazon products into the Google and Yahoo search results pages.


Shows a little flag icon in the status bar indicating the current website’s server location.

Swiss German Dictionary (Direct install!)

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