Do Not Track

Do Not Track is a personalized documentary series about privacy and the web economy.


If you share data with us, we’ll show you what the web knows about you.

The documentary series explores how information about you is collected and used. Every two weeks, a personalized episode has been released that explores a different aspect of how the modern web is increasingly a space where our movements, our speech and our identities are recorded and tracked.

They want to explore what this means to you, your family and your friends. From our mobile phones to social networks, personalized advertising to big data, each episode will have a different focus, a different voice and a different look.

What do they have in common? While you watch, they will use the methods and tools trackers use to track you. They want you to not only understand but experience what tracking means.

We want to help you understand the exchange of value when you volunteer information online. We want you to know when it’s happening without your permission. We want you to be in control, and we want to pique your curiosity.

During each episode of Do Not Track, you’ll be asked to volunteer some data about yourself. The more data you give, the more personalized your episode will be, and the more we’ll be able to include you in an ongoing conversation. Between episodes, we’ll share research and other media related to online privacy. If you share your email address, we’ll deliver this to your inbox.

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