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Public Keys

Following are my various public keys for encryption, signing and authentication.

OpenPGP Fingerprint #

OpenPGP is my preferred method for encryption and digtal signing of mail messages, files and code commits. My private keys are stored on security tokens.

Modern email client software, like Thunderbird, will retrieve the public key automatically using my email address. To verify, that you are using the right key, you can compare it with the fingerprint displayed below:

5143 E0D3 C00C 9DB4 55BD
FD76 7223 89E4 2736 2DC5

The safest way would be to get it from me in a personal meeting.

SSH Public Key #

In case you need to give me access to any of your computer systems trough SSH. I’m using an authentication subkey of my OpenPGP key stored on a security token, as SSH key to autheticate myself against a server.

You can use GnuPG to retrieve the public key using my OpenPGP fingerprint to you keyring:

gpg --locate-keys 0x722389E427362DC5

Once you have my public key in your keyring you can export it in the required format for use with an SSH server:

gpg --export-ssh-key 0x722389E427362DC5 \
    >> /home/${_SSH_USER}/.ssh/authorized_keys